Best Beaches in Chicago, IL Top Beach Spots!

Beaches in Chicago

The beaches in Chicago are another of the city's attractions during the summer.

After the long winter, where the shoreline of Chicago Lake freezes, summer appears in all its splendor, offering visitors a wide variety of beautiful and crowded beaches.

Here is a list of the most popular:

North Avenue Beach

It is without a doubt the most popular beach in Chicago thanks to the exceptional view from the only beach house it boasts, the abundant volleyball courts, the fun and picturesque atmosphere and most important of all, the annual show that It takes place in August known as the Air & Water Show.

In addition to having Yoga in the open air, you can enjoy free WiFi connection and sports such as kayaking and jet skiing. And since you can't spend a whole day at the beach without eating, this beautiful beach has 4 restaurants to enjoy the richest culinary delicacies.

Montrose Beach

This beach is one of the oldest and is the second most popular beach in North Chicago as well as being one of the largest. It is a unique beach of its kind because it admits the presence of dogs and other pets in its northern area.

It has one of the largest parking lots on the Chicago beaches, so that should not be a concern for the visitor and offers amenities such as free Wi-Fi and sports such as Jet Skiing.

In the southern area of this beach there is a set of dunes where migratory birds are attracted and form a spectacular ecosystem full of colors and life. Without a doubt, a place to visit before you die.

Ohio Street Beach

During the day, Ohio Street Beach is mostly frequented by area residents, families setting aside some time to soak up the sun before or after a visit to the nearby marina pier, or going for the occasional getaway from the grind. local.

At 5 pm, the west end is occupied by distance swimmers going to practice. While distance swimming is permitted elsewhere in the city, Ohio Street is the only Chicago beach that faces north, allowing you to swim 800 meters from shore to the curve of Oak Street without being more than a few meters from the boardwalk.

You can enjoy the view with tropical drinks at Caffè Oliva, which offers fantastic views of the sea.

Kathy Osterman Beach

This crescent-shaped beach is divided into two parts. This beach is considered by many to be one of Chicago's best kept secrets, with clean water, white sands, and one of the most spectacular views of Lake Michigan in all of Chicago.

There is a privilege stand that serves alcohol and all kinds of food: hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, among other junk foods. The northern half of the beach is ideal for families, especially those with children as the waters are shallow.

The southern half of the beach is very popular with the LGBT community. The best way to get to Kathy Osterman Beach is by public transit, as parking around the beach is often very limited.

Foster Beach

Foster's can best be described as a slightly less crowded version of Montrose, attracting a diverse mix of the younger crowd as well as families. The adjacent area of the park is grassy and a popular venue for gatherings, including the Chicago Full Moon Jam, featuring flame dancers, drummers and more.

While a portion of the beach is reserved for dogs, rising waters have made the beach inaccessible in recent years, making it more popular.

There is no view of downtown Chicago from this location, but when you want a quiet day at the beach without tons of tourists and loud music, this is a great place for a relaxing afternoon at the beach.

Oak Street Beach

It stretches about a mile and a half long, and is home to the largest deep-water swimming area in the city. It used to be the most popular beach due to its proximity to the city center.

It is also home to Chicago's only chess pavilion and an outdoor restaurant called the Oak Street Beachstro that is set up every summer and then taken down at the end of the season. During the summer season it is the site of many amateur and professional volleyball tournaments.

South Shore Beach

It is part of the South Shore Cultural Center, considered the jewel of the neighborhood. With its gorgeous country-themed interior, this facility features a sundeck, formal dining room, the Paul Robeson Theater, the Washburne Culinary Institute, the Parrot Cage restaurant, and the Dr. Margaret Burroughs Gallery.

The site is a 65-acre park with a 9-hole golf course, tennis courts, and a circular beach house with restrooms and showers. The beach house is located just east of the Cultural Center on the beach. The site is also home to the mounted unit of the Chicago Police Department.

South Shore Beach also has its own nature sanctuary. Visitors can walk along a boardwalk near the beach and view emerging sand dunes, a small wetland, prairie landscape, forests, and a variety of wildlife in the area.