The fascinating Cloud Gate sculpture, the Chicago Bean

Cloud Gate

Every day in Chicago's Millennium Park thousands of people play with Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate sculpture. Better known as "the Bean of Chicago", the Puerta de la Nube or Cloud Gate was inaugurated in 2006 and is the most popular piece of sculpture in Chicago.

Is it a drop of mercury, a giant bean, or an interplanetary object?

For some the sculpture has the shape of a gigantic drop of liquid mercury, for others that of a bean.

But for a surprised walker, it can be assumed that he is facing an object that came from another planet and mysteriously deposited inside the park.

A bean with magical curves to contemplate and play

The Chicago Bean, has a huge smoothly curved shiny surface, which reflects the reality of its surroundings in such a particular way that it invites to be contemplated.

Cloud Gate is an object with magical curves that has the ability to make us return to childhood, because in the blink of an eye it makes us enter the game of looking for ourselves among its reflections.

The Cloud Gate is such a popular sculpture among tourists that everyone relishes the opportunity to take a selfie, using of course the unique reflections of this incredible object.

Cloud Gate, the Cloud Gate or The Chicago Bean, whatever you want to call it, is not just any object. It is a unique object, as much a symbol of Chicago as its best-known skyscrapers, and as sociable and friendly as those of us who live in this city.

A unique sculpture by Anish Kapoor

The Cloud Gate sculpture was designed by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor.

Anish Kapoor designed this sculpture with the idea of interpreting the surrounding reality through the use of curved mirrors and what he achieved artistically is amazing.

Cloud Gate is an object that allows one to look at what one wants to look at: the sky, the city, the skyscrapers of Chicago, or ourselves. At each step reality is different, at each moment of the day or night what it shows is different, the same in each season of the year.

Interesting facts about Cloud Gate

  • Location:

    The reflective silver sculpture is located in Millennium Park , a space in the heart of the city that condenses its architecture, design and contemporary art . Here you will find free and outdoor activities such as concerts, exhibitions and family games.

    Go to AT&T Plaza at 201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602, United States.

  • Who designed Cloud Gate:

    It is the work of the British artist Anish Kapoor , one of the most influential sculptors of the time. It was his first outdoor work to be installed in the United States. Anish Kapoor said he disliked the nickname 'The Chicago Bean'.

  • Characteristics of The Bean

    Cloud Gate has a structure of 168 pieces welded together. The exterior of the sculpture is covered by 168 pieces of stainless steel welded together and polished so carefully that they look like a single piece. Cloud Gate weighs 100 Tons

  • Why is it called Cloud Gate

    The Chicago Bean is 13 meters tall. The Cloud Gate sculpture is 66 feet (20 meters) long, 33 feet (10 meters) wide and 42 feet (13 meters) tall.

  • Perfection was a challenge

    So that no weld was visible, the artist worked with multiple computer models. Computer technology was key. The process to create Cloud Gate took three years. It was finally installed in Millennium Park on May 15, 2006.

  • The intention of Anish Kapoor

    "What I wanted to do in Millennium Park is something that would capture the Chicago skyline. You'd see the clouds floating by, with those very tall buildings reflected. And then, because it's in the shape of a door, the participant, the viewer, walks in. in this deep chamber. In a way, it does the same for the reflection of oneself as it does for the exterior of the piece: the reflection of the city that surrounds it", he points out.

  • Why do they call it The Bean

    Because of its bean shape, similar to the gummies that bear the same name.

  • You can visit it for free

    There is no need to pay to visit the famous sculpture or to have your photo taken in front of it. But if you take a tour with a third party to visit the city of Chicago, surely this will be one of the stops and you will have to pay for the tour.

  • The Cloud Gate Cost:

    The initial estimate for the sculpture was $6 million but it ended up costing around $23 million.